MASTER Kidney Stone Nutrition

Let's face it, most dietitians don't know very much about kidney stone nutrition.

Did you know that nutrition for effective kidney stone prevention is NOT based on kidney stone type? Instead, nutrition should be personalized to 24-hour urine test results.

A 24-hour urine test reveals WHY your patients have kidney stones. With that knowledge, you can tailor an individualized kidney stone prevention plan!

Meet Melanie Betz MS, RD, CSR, FAND

Your Expert Kidney Stone Dietitian

Melanie is a Registered Dietitian certified in renal nutrition and has a special interest in kidney stones. She has published her research in kidney nutrition and has presented at many professional conferences.

As a leader in kidney nutrition, Melanie is on the board of the Renal Practice Group and the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois. She is a member of the Dietitian Advisory Group for the American Kidney Fund and frequently volunteers for the National Kidney Foundation.

She is also the face behind The Kidney Dietitian Blog and popular Instagram page @the.kidney.dietitian.

What makes "Dishing Out Prevention" so special?

Dishing Out Prevention is NOT just another webinar.

This course is a comprehensive training for kidney stone professionals to become EXPERTS in lifestyle for kidney stone prevention.

After completing the course, you'll feel 100% confident and be equipped will all the tools you need to help any kidney stone patient who comes your way!

What comes with the training?

  • Video lessons that walk you through personalized kidney stone nutrition step by step. Detailed information about how to read 24-hour urine tests, and improve urine risk factors for effective kidney stone nutrition.

  • A Certificate of Training in kidney stone nutrition. Highlight your newfound kidney stone expertise!

  • The Ultimate Guide to Kidney Stones for Registered Dietitians

  • 24-Hour Urine Cheat Sheet for Registered Dietitians

  • 6 patient handouts

  • 3.25 CEU credits for Registered Dietitians!

  • Lifetime access! Kidney stone nutrition research is constantly changing. Stay up-to-date in everything kidney stone nutrition.

What Are You Waiting For?

Become an expert in kidney stone nutrition help your patients effectively prevent kidney stones today!

Common Questions

  • Can I get continuing education credit?

    Yes! This course is approved for 3.25 CEU credits for Registered Dietitians.

  • What is included?

    In addition to the videos in the course itself, you'll get a TON of goodies including my Ultimate Guide to Kidney Stones for Registered Dietitians, a 24-Hour Urine Cheat Sheet and 6 patient handouts to help you get started working with patients right away! Plus, those 3.25 CEUs are pretty nice!

  • Can doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals take this course?

    Absolutely! I've helped MANY other kidney stone professionals. Anyone who works with kidney stone patients would benefit from this course. However, the course is only approved for continuing education credits for Registered Dietitians at this time.

Dishing Out Prevention

The Lessons & Goodies

  • 1

    Dishing out Prevention: Complete Kidney Stone Training for Registered Dietitians

    • Welcome & Objectives

    • Kidney Stones 101

    • 24 Hour Urine Tests

    • Reading 24 Hour Urine Tests

    • Fluid

    • Sodium

    • Calcium

    • Oxalate

    • Protein & Dietary Acid Load

    • Citrate

    • Added Sugar

    • Uric Acid

    • Magnesium, Vitamin B6 & Fish Oil

    • Gut Microbiome & Probiotics

    • Bowel Disease

    • Struvite & Cystine Kidney Stones

    • Nutrition Care Process & Kidney Stones

    • References

  • 2

    Handouts & Tools

    • Ultimate Guide to Kidney Stones for Registered Dietitians

    • 24-Hour Urine Cheat Sheet for Registered Dietitians

    • Nutrition for Kidney Stones {Customizable Handout}

    • Citrate & Kidney Stones {Handout}

    • Calcium Sources for Kidney Stones {Handout}

    • Kidney Stone Friendly Snack List {Handout}

    • Oxalate List {Handout}

    • Tips to Drink More {Handout}

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