Life With Kidney Stones Can Be Tough

Dealing with the pain of passing a stone is hard enough. On top of that, you might have to manage:

● Anxiety and fear of passing another stone
● Seemingly endless medical appointments, procedures and surgery
● A new medication schedule
● Making lifestyle changes
● Financial hardship
● Healthcare professionals who don't seem to care

It doesn't HAVE to be so stressful

Help for ALL aspects of health and kidney stone care makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.


Advice from someone who REALLY gets what you are going through and CARES about your quality of life.

Being fully equipped with everything you need to live an AMAZING LIFE - even with those wretched stones.

  • Mental health while living with kidney stones

  • Understanding your kidney stone medical team and getting the most out of your care

  • Tips for day-to-day life when living with kidney stones

I'm ready!

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Meet Melanie

Your kidney stone expert and advocate

Melanie Betz MS, RD, CSR, FAND is a Registered Dietitian who has devoted her career to helping people with kidney stones.

She noticed a huge need for support for people with kidney stones. So many felt unheard and uncared for in their kidney stone care. They were struggling with managing this complicated medical condition and the emotional aspects of living with kidney stones.

Unsurprisingly, kidney stones are associated with anxiety and depression, yet these aspects of health are almost never addressed in traditional medical care.

Melanie built this course to give people with kidney stones guidance to manage their mental health, navigate the complex medical system and tips to live their best lives!